Specialized Services

Match would-be startups with local industry, academia, and related institutions.


Priority given to R&D teams developing high-end and composite medical devices.

Admission application

Admission qualifications

  • - R&D teams that have undergone the screening of BMCC’s Medical Device Division and secured subsidies under the National Science and Technology Council;s Nursery Program or the Ministry of Economic Affairs’ A+ Program.
  • - R&D teams (startups of under 3 years or the R&D departments of biomedical companies that work on innovative products) that have secured approval at an expert meeting hosted by BMCC’s Medical Device Division.

How to apply

1. Applicant is supposed to present the following:

  • (1) Table of basic information.
  • (2) Printout and electronic copy of R&D/business plan.
  • (3) Copy of company registration documents.
  • (4) Financial statements and tax payment certificates for the past 2 years (not applicable to startups of under 1 year and natural persons).
  • (5) Table of safety, health, and pollution management.
  • (6) Application for office space.

2. Delivery

With “Applying for Admission” specified on the envelope, deliver it by mail or in person to Taiwan Instrument Research Institute, National Applied Research Laboratories (2F, 8, Sec. 2, Shengyi Rd., Zhubei City, Hsinchu County 302, Taiwan).

Key Points in Review

1. Expert Meeting for Admission Application Review

Upon confirmation of an applicant’s having presented all the requested data, BMCC’s Medical Device Division will convene a meeting for experts to review the application in question. In the highlight are:
  • (1) if the primary technology and product hold the potential for meeting market needs;
  • (2) if the timeframe for product development and technological goal is feasible;
  • (3) if there is sound management and financial planning.
(applicant needs to present a 15-minute briefing and answer questions raised by experts)

2. Meeting for Environmental and Safety/Health Review

The Taiwan Instrument Research Institute will host a meeting to verify the Table of Safety, Health, and Pollution Management presented by a given applicant seeking admission to the Biomedical R&D Building.


1. For early withdrawal upon attainment of business plan goals or contractual expiry or for the sake of practical needs, a tenant team is supposed to notify the Taiwan Instrument Research Institute in writing three months ahead of the said contractual expiry of its decision on withdrawal or contractual extension. The said team is also supposed to work with the managing authority in the latter’s tracking its business performance during the subsequent three years and in offering related business data over the course of its tenancy for propaganda by the managing authority.

2. In the event of any of the following scenarios, BMCC’s Medical Device Division and the Taiwan Instrument Research Institute are entitled to terminate tenancy contracts earlier and ask the tenant team in question to move out within a specific period of time:

  • (1) inconsistency between business items actually undertaken and those applied for;
  • (2) failure to pay contractually required fees in time, which necessitates a performance bond deduction. The tenant team shall move out within five days upon receipt of the notice that its performance bond is no longer enough for deductions;
  • (3) violation of contractual provisions or regulations of the Taiwan Instrument Research Institute and failure to rectify it after receipt of written notice;
  • (4) other material violations.

Incubation Space






Meeting room


Brainstorm hall

Standards for Tenant Fees

Subject to revision over time, rentals are collected on the basis of NT$1,000 per ping (3.3 m²), excluding water and electricity bills.