Anti-coagulation Leukocyte Reduction Filter



Chung Yuan Christian University

Principal Investigator:張雍

Project Manager:林宣因




About the Team


The leukocyte reduction filter uses zwitterion-based technology to strengthen specificity in leukocyte filtration, reduces red blood cell breakage or platelet activation. After pre-clinical testing, we have proved that leukocyte elimination rate has surpassed FDA acceptance level (>99.9%) and can improve infusion safety. This anti-coagulation leukocyte reduction filter can be used generally in blood donation sites and medical centers, permitting up to 500mL of whole blood or packed red blood cells.




Complete design for product specifications and general use leukocyte filtration device production. Determined testing verification for clinical trial, and outlined essential experimental and key equipment necessary for manufacturing, analysis and testing.On January 27, 2016 formed Puriblood Medical Co., Ltd.