Implanted Epilepsy Treatment Device



National Chiao Tung University

Principal Investigator:吳重雨

Project Manager:林展生




About the Team


Developed a wireless physiological signal processor with high-precision epilepsy algorithm and a closed-loop epilepsy treatment device. This provides a safer and more effective epileptic treatment method to improve quality of life. Specific characteristic and advantages include 1)real-time detection algorithm to quickly detect symptoms of epilepsy and activate necessary treatment control; 2)utilize adaptive stimulator for bipolar, high accuracy stimulating current for optimal treatment effectiveness; and 3) provide standard clinical SOP evaluation to determine best location for electrode positioning for best treatment efficacy.




Product prototype making, product specification verification and some functional validation, including electrical safety and other standardized requirements prior to clinical testing. Completed essential prototype R&D and prior-to-clinical preparations for Class III implantable electronic devices On June 8, 2016 formed A-Neuron Electronic Corp.