Light-weight Digital Stereo Microscope for Surgical Use



Show Chwan Memorial Hospital

Principal Investigator:古鳴洲

Project Manager:林世永




About the Team


Integrating optical electronics, mechanical arms, and ICT, team developed a light-weight digital stereo microscope for surgical use. This microscope can be used in microsurgery in neurosurgery, orthopedics, ophthalmology. This product is light-weight and simple to operate, greatly reduce the amount of space necessary for surgery and permits multiple viewers in different angles and position. The 3D stereo optics and display can be further applied to multi-band light design (imaging of disease characteristics and location/depth of microvessels), and precision positioning.




Completed design and prototype for new stereomicroscope and demonstrated its improvements over traditional light microscopes. Eleven physicians have tested the device,On September 4, 2015 formed VISIONNAIRE MEDTECH CO., LTD.