Prevention and repair of eardrum damage



Taipei Medical University

Principal Investigator:賴文福

Project Manager:林宣因




About the Team


The narrow and winding ear canal in eardrum repair is a source of great controversy including surgical barriers and length of anesthesia . We have developed a unique biomaterial for eardrum repair, with advantage including 1)mist-based treatment not affected by the size, depth, or curvature of the ear canal; 2) high attachment, can be assimilated to accelerate wound healing; 3) and does not require autologous tissues. In all, the complexity and duration of procedure and infection risk are significantly reduced.




Completed prototype and established quantifiable standards; outlined GMP compliant product manufacturing process, GLP certified biocompatibility testing and ear drum repair testing in rat model. On May 26, 2014 formed Taipei Bio .