Occupancy Application

R&D teams developing high-end medical device and Combination Products shall have first priority in application for tenant spaces.

  • Occupancy qualifications

    - Passing selection by the BioMed Commercialization Center's project team; R&D teams that have received MOST incubation project or MOEA industry A+ Industrial Innovative R&D Program funding.

    - R&D teams that have passed review at an expert review committee convened by the BioMed Commercialization Center's project team (establishment of a startup within 3 yrs or innovative new product R&D department by a biomedical company).

  • Apply
    • Required Application Documents:
      • One basic information form for R&D team.
      • One R&D and Business Plan (include electronics file).
      • One copy of proof of company registration.
      • Financial reports of the company and one proof of tax payment from the taxation authority for the most recent two years; not required for natural persons and new companies established during the current year.
      • One health, safety, and pollution management form.
      • One space use application form.
    • Submit

      Mark "Occupancy application documents" on envelope, and mail or personally deliver to the "Taiwan Instrument Technology Research Center, NARLabs" (2F, 8 Shengyi Road Section 2, Zhubei City, Hsinchu County 302).

  • Application Procedure


  • Review focal points
    • tenant space expert review conference

      The BioMed Commercialization Center will convene the "tenant space expert review conference," which will review the following focal points:

      • Whether main technologies and product possess market development potential and meet market needs.
      • Whether the product development time frame and technological objectives will be feasible.
      • Whether the management team and financial planning are sound.

      (Presentation 10 mins;Q&A 15 mins)

    • Environmental, health, and safety review Committee for tenants

      The Instrument Technology Research Center will convene the "Environmental, health, and safety review Committee for tenants", and will evaluate the health, safety, and waste control measures proposed by the team/company.

Termination of occupancy

  • When an R&D team needs to terminate occupancy due to completion of business plan objectives, expiration of contract period, or actual need, it must notify the Instrument Technology Research Center in writing to terminate occupancy or renew its lease 3 months prior to the deadline. Teams/companies terminating occupancy shall cooperate in providing information to help the space management unit track the management status of the team/company during the subsequent 3 years, and should also provide relevant information produced by the R&D team during its period of occupancy for use in publicity by the space management unit.
  • When any one of the following situations applies, the occupancy agreement may be terminated ahead of time, and the R&D team must move out within a limited period of time, following review and decision by the BioMed Commercialization Center project team and the Instrument Technology Research Center:
    • The business items stated on the occupancy application are inconsistent with the actual business items.
    • If an R&D team fails to pay expenses in accordance with contract, such expenses will be deducted from the contract performance guarantee; if the amount of the contract performance guarantee is insufficient, the R&D team must vacate its space within 5 days.
    • The R&D team has violated the terms of the agreement or relevant regulations of the Instrument Technology Research Center, and fails to make improvement after being given written notification.
    • 。 Other major infractions.

Incubation Space

We provide tenants offices and laboratory space that can be used immediately, and also offer the use of public spaces including meeting rooms and brainstorming lounges. We seek to maintain a creative atmosphere and foster mutual interaction among tenants.







Meeting room


Brainstorming lounge

Vendor entry fee

The monthly fee per ping (3.3m2) of actual leased space is NT$1,000, and water and power fees are assessed separately; adjustments to fee collection standards may be announced as necessary.