DuoGenic StemCells





About the Company


DuoGenic was founded on March 22nd, 2018, focusing on providing highly-efficient, standardized and popularized stem cells and their culture platforms. Our team consists of a group of professionals enthusiastic at research and familiar with stem cell culture techniques, and our company also possesses strong clinical support. We are now devoted to the development of universal stem cell culture medium, anticipating to start from the basic research, establish the mass production system for 2D culture medium and 3D culture medium, and provide universal stem cell culture technique services. Meanwhile, we also dedicate ourselves to developing culture media for the clinical use, in an attempt to be used directly for cell therapy.



About the Products

DuoGenic provides serum-free, xeno-free and chemically-defined human stem cell culture medium systems. Stable quality control and reasonable price enable our customers to transfer culture medium system contentedly and conveniently.