Acusense Biomedical





About the Company


Acusense Biomedical was founded in 2017, with a focus on development of medical devices and the core proposition to make medical environment safer. Sensing the rising need in patient safety, risk management of hospital, and increasing number of hemodialysis patients, we cut in the market with intradialytic blood leakage alarm , and become the first company in Taiwan with the core technology to detect blood leakage caused by slipping needle. Our first developing product-"Blood Leakage Detecting Patch", aims the trend of smart care and home hemodialysis. And it follows the requirements of IEC/PAS 63023 to communicate with the interface of hemodialysis machine in corresponding protocol, greatly lowering the clinical risk and the number of unnecessary medical disputes.



About the Products

The smart sensor patch of Acusense, is the first device in Taiwan to detect needle fall-off in the process of hemodialysis. It is able to detect and alarm immediately when any body fluid leakage occurs, which avoids the danger brought by severer blood loss, thus defending the safety of patients and improving the medical environment of hemodialysis.