The BioMed Commercialization Center (BMCC)

Why should you choose us?

  • One-on-one service

  • Professional mentors

  • Network of resources


  • Concept Prototyping

    Concept Prototyping Tapping of institutional resources, assistance in project preparation, testing for ISO and FDA QSR compliance, and provision of testing, certification planning, and prototyping services in the run-up to clinical trials and premarket certification. Make a proposal now
  • Technology Actualization

    Technology Actualization Seek out worthy projects both in Taiwan and abroad, offer one-on-one guidance, and conduct “milestone management” before recommending their access to subsidies under the Nursery Program, thereby facilitating product development and clinical research. Make a proposal now
  • Product Commercialization

    Product Commercialization Planning for startup establishment, counseling on business plan proposals, commercial and legal counseling, introduction of strategic partners, fundraising matching, sales collaboration and marketing. Make a proposal now
  • Incubation

    Incubation Priority given to R&D teams developing high-end and composite medical devices. Make a proposal now